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Department of Pediatrics
1065 Southern Boulevard
Bronx, New York 10459
718-589-2440 x4279

Plaza del Sol Family Health Center

37-16 108th Street
Corona, New York 11368
Phone: (718) 651-4000

Many cultures view chubby babies as being cute and healthy. However, research has proven that being overweight or obese earlier in life can lead to many illnesses as we get older, including diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease and heart disease. Unfortunately these illnesses affect adults and children physically, socially and emotionally.

The Fit for Life program works with families with children, ages 0-4 years old, who have a pediatric provider at UHP’s El Nuevo San Juan Health Center or Plaza del Sol Family Health Center in Corona. The Fit for Life team consists of providers, medical assistants, nutritionists, behavioral specialist, nutrition health educators and a telephone support specialist. On each well-child visit, the nutrition educator, nutritionist and/or the behavioral specialist have a one- on-one educational session with the child and family.
Our focus is not only on getting the children to a healthy weight but also preventing any risk factors that leads to unhealthy habits which causes overweight and obesity to become a challenge.
Fit for Life team members have different responsibilities:

  • The nutrition educators work with healthy weight children to prevent overweight or obesity.
  • The nutritionist works with overweight and obese children which includes setting goals with parents.
  • The behavioral specialist helps parent to change how they feed and interact with their children.
  • The telephone support specialist calls families about how they are managing their goals.

Healthy Eating presentations are offered in the waiting room daily at 10:00am and 2:00pm on topics such as:

  • Appropriate physical activity for your child
  • Choosing the healthier snack
  • Juice reduction
  • Bottles vs. sippy cups
  • Food demonstrations (recipes are provided)
  • Portion control
  • Time-out techniques
  • Participating in the Seasonal Farmers Market or the Yearly Fruit Market next door (coupons like Health Bucks are provided or cash incentives to buy fresh produce)

With Fit for Life, families can grow together, share together and be healthier together.