Paloma Izquierdo-HernandezWelcome to Urban Health Plan. We’ve made significant changes to our website to make it easier for you to find information about us and our services and programs. The most notable change is that you can access the site content easier with a mobile device. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and learn about upcoming events. The career center makes it easier for you to learn about employment opportunities and apply for jobs at Urban Health Plan.

Making the website more user friendly is one example of how we are committed to creating a positive experience for our patients, associates, prospective employees and the community.

At Urban Health Plan, our goal is to integrate case management, social services and a host of support services into the primary care experience, all led and supervised by the patient’s primary care provider. That is why instead of creating a separate asthma program we have embedded our asthma work into our primary care visits providing health education and support at the time of each visit. This has resulted in increased symptom free days and lower rates of hospitalization.

But our integration of services has not stopped there. Our programs are tied together with a partnership and commitment to our patients, a robust electronic health record system and a constant exchange of information between providers, support services and the patient. In our home, patients are guaranteed coordinated care nurtured through a long-term healing relationship.

I hope this website will give you a better insight into Urban Health Plan and the commitment we make each and every day to change the lives of the people we serve.


Paloma Izquierdo-Hernandez
President & CEO