“My Daughter is Happier”


The pediatrician at UHP diagnosed my daughter as overweight when she was a few months old. I worked with the “Fit for Life” nutritionist at UHP and she helped me cut down the portion of food or replace them with something more nutritious. Now my daughter isn’t overweight, she’s more energetic and mobile. She’s happier and so am I. “Fit for Life” taught me how to feed my family better. I’m doing this for my children, so they can see what mom learned that will teach them how to live a healthy life.

Jennifer Carrero, Parent

“The Wellness Center Saved My Life”


Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program at UHP I’ve been a patient at UHP for four years. Two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I weighed 253 pounds. This was serious and I was so upset. I lost family members to diabetes. I was recommended to the Life Enhancement Program, which taught me three things: exercise for 30 minutes every day, eat healthy and take my medication. In about 10 months I lost 53 pounds. I feel great and feel 20 years younger. This program saved my life. I don’t have to take my diabetes medication anymore. I tell everyone about this program. I want them to feel the way I feel now.

Monserrate Perez, UHP patient

“UHP Is A Family Affair”


I’ve had asthma for as long as I can remember. When I was eight years old, my mother found Urban Health Plan and brought me to see Dr. Mohammad (now head of the Department of Pediatrics). Dr. Mohammad was able to control the asthma with medication. Years later, when my own daughter was diagnosed with asthma. my mom reminded me about Dr. Mohammad so I brought her back to the asthma program at Urban Health Plan. Dr. Mohammad was still here and she treated my daughter. She has hasn’t had an attack in eight or nine months. I recommend the asthma program completely. I love it here, the doctors do everything and they really care. Even if I move, I’m not changing doctors. If your child is sick they listen to you, hear what you’re saying, and you don’t have to wait long.

Margarita Lopez, parent

“Four Times a Week”


I have been a patient of UHP’s for over thirty years. Recently, I took part in UHP’s Health and Wellness Program and I lost 12 pounds. Now, I exercise four times a week! Everyone tells me I look great, but most importantly I just came off my diabetes medication. Canyon Ranch Institute made it possible for UHP to offer this service.

Hilda Colon, UHP patient

“People Here Care”


I have been a patient of UHP for more than 25 years. When I was 69, I fell and broke my arm. My provider was concerned that the diabetes would interfere with the healing process and recommended physical therapy twice a week. At first the exercise was hard, but my arm slowly healed and the physical therapy helped my arthritis. Now I have full use of my arm. Having my provider and my physical therapist in the same center made the healing process easier. What keeps me coming back? The people here care about me.

Justina Santiago, UHP patient

“UHP is My Medical Home”


I’ve been a patient at UHP for 30 years, my grand children and great grandchildren were born here. Even my home care attendant is a UHP patient. When I first came to the geriatrics program, I wasn’t feeling well, I hadn’t seen the doctor in a while. Jeanette Denizard, the case manager, made sure I saw the doctor and kept my all of my appointments. Whatever an older patient needs, it’s available here. I tell other patients to come to the geriatrics program! Coming here is like coming home, I know everyone here and they treat me like family. All of the doctors really take good care of you.

Carmen Rodrigues, UHP patient