About Us

This health center is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).

Our Mission:

Urban Health Plan’s mission is to continuously improve the health of communities and the quality of life of the people we serve by providing affordable, comprehensive, quality, primary and specialty health care and by assuring the performance and advancement of innovative best practices.

Our Vision:

Urban Health Plan will remain nationally acclaimed through its transformative and innovative approaches to fostering healthy and vibrant communities.  

Our Values:


Excellence drives everything we do.  We strive for superior performance to assure health equity and to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve. We enjoy what we do, we have fun.


We non-judgmentally embrace our differences and accept all cultures. We are a welcoming and family-centered organization characterized by respect and empathy. 


Trust characterizes our every interaction. Our culture is one of integrity, transparency, credibility and open communication. We are responsible and accountable for all of our actions.  

Patient-Focused Holistic Care      

Healthy, happy people are our goal. Our focus is on timely, safe, efficient and effective services. We strive to heal the mind, body and spirit by delivering care that is individualized, confidential and coordinated. 

Continuous Improvement & Innovation   

We are process improvement experts. The quest for continuous improvement and innovation drives our work. Continuous learning and optimization of technology allows us to adapt evidence-based guidelines and develop best practices. We transform health care.                  


Community is at the heart of everything we do. We are a warm and nurturing family that puts people first.  We value and invest in ourselves and our communities in order to make a positive impact on social conditions. 

Operating Credo

Our mission, vision, and values embody an organization that is passionate, innovative, with a commitment to sustained excellence.

As such, I shall...

  1. Treat patients, staff, and myself with dignity and respect.
  2. Remember that patients are the only reason we exist as an organization.
  3. Always put patients and their needs first. 
  4. Be passionate about our mission.
  5. Strive for excellence in performing my work and be proud of what I do.
  6. Have integrity and be honest, ethical, fair and sincere.
  7. Take ownership of my job responsibilities and of my role as a member of the team.
  8. Be thoughtful and compassionate towards everyone at all times. 
  9. Promote each other and all that we do.
  10. Be courteous while working safely and effectively.
  11. Communicate instantly and directly with everyone.
  12. Be a life long learner, develop my capabilities, always seek to improve performance and share what works with others.

Our History

Urban Health Plan, Inc., (UHP) is a federally qualified community health center licensed as a diagnostic and treatment center under Article 28 of the New York State Public Health Law and accredited by the Joint Commission. UHP is in its 40th year of providing comprehensive and affordable primary and specialty health care services to the Hunts Point, Mott Haven and Morrisania sections of the Bronx. Its facilities include its main site, eight satellites, ten school health programs, three part time facilities, and three administrative/program sites that house its WIC program, as well as other grant funded programs.

UHP began in 1974 as an evolution of a group practice with the mission of providing basic and specialty medical care, comparable to those found in local hospital outpatient clinics, to the community's predominantly Hispanic and poor residents. It is the brainchild of Dr. Richard Izquierdo, a life-long resident of the South Bronx and a pediatrician/family practitioner. Concerned by his community's declining health status, and unable to meet the demand for primary medical service in his burgeoning private practice, Dr. Izquierdo sought to expand his practice into an HMO-style practice that offered care in a consistent, cost effective, and managed manner. Because of the lack of primary care services in the area, many residents had grown accustomed to waiting out long lines in local hospital emergency rooms for routine medical care or for the treatment of acute medical conditions, which could have been prevented if diagnosed earlier. Dr. Izquierdo opened the San Juan Health Center in 1967. Seven years later, UHP, a private, non-profit corporation licensed by the Department of Health, was established to broaden the scope of the work started by the San Juan Health Center.

UHP is designated NYS Preferred Primary Care Provider, Prenatal Care Assistance Provider, an HIV Primary Care Provider, and a WIC provider. Over the years, UHP has formed alliances with several community-based organizations to provide health care services in alternate delivery sites. These sites consist of local schools, an adult day treatment program, a Boys and Girls Club, and homeless shelters.

The agency is affiliated with Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, and Jacobi Medical Center.

UHP has been actively involved with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Primary Health Care Health Care Disparities Collaboratives and has received national recognition for its performance improvement work. Its work with the asthmatic population in the South Bronx has greatly contributed to the reduction in pediatric hospitalizations related to asthma as reported by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The Joint Commission highlighted UHP as a "Spotlight on Success" for this work. UHP has recently initiated the "UHP Institute for the Advancement of Community Health" as the cornerstone for all of its performance improvement and safety initiatives. Through these efforts, we have developed an outstanding Health Education Department developed a program of community health workers or "promotoras" who serve as adjuncts to the care that is provided within their facilities.


Questions or more infromation about NHSC, contact:

Edi Daley

Office Manager Medical Affairs

Urban Health Plan, Inc.

960 Southern Boulevard

Bronx, NY 10459

Phone:  718-589-2440 x4323




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