photo of provider giving eye exam to a patient

About the Center

960 Southern Boulevard
Bronx, NY 10459

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Call for an appointment: 718-589-4755


The Adolescent Health and Wellness Center, directed by Dr. Jacalyn Bitterman, MD, FAAP, FSAM, a board certified adolescent medicine specialist and staffed by people who are experienced in working with teens and young adults. The Center provides confidential health care, including reproductive health care, to teens and young adults, as allowed by New York State law. Each patient has an opportunity to see his or her provider privately. An annual routine check-up allows you and your teen to ask your doctor questions.


  • Comprehensive health care, including school and sports physicals
  • Care for chronic health problems, like asthma and obesity
  • Urgent care and sick visits
  • Immunizations or shots
  • Adolescent growth and development
  • Addressing any other issues or concerns
  • Primary Care
  • Social Services
  • Nutrition
  • Psychotherapy
  • Gynecology
  • Health Education

The center also has a full-time case manager and health educator available for on-site counseling.

Annie Lopez, site director

Any questions or concerns about services at the Adolescent Health and Wellness Center can be directed to Annie Lopez, director at 718-589-2440 x4202.









Club T.I.A. (Teens in Action)

960 Southern Boulevard
Bronx, New York 10459
718-589-2440 x3306

Club Teens in Action (T.I.A.) helps young people navigate this transition by giving them the tools and resources they need to accomplish their goals and achieve success. The goal of this afterschool program (for 13 to 18 year olds) is to promote positive adolescent development, cultural enrichment, and reduce teen pregnancies. The program focuses on self-development and self-discovery through workshops that include writing & literature, math, self-expression, social discussions, family life, employment and nutrition, along with health/sex education. A health educator works with the members on self-esteem, body image, facts and myths about reproductive issues and sexual health, while a case manager offers counseling on mental health and emotional issues.

Mentorship is an important component of the program, where members are paired with a UHP employee who serves as a “big brother or big sister.” Members also participate in community service activities to assist those in need. Club T.I.A. uses peer education and mentoring to learn positive self-esteem, creativity, and leadership and individual and team development.

Teen members co-facilitate community workshops and participate in health education training. They are also placed as interns within UHP to give them professional and personal growth in a positive work setting. The program also provides members with self-development workshops, tutoring and homework help to promote academic and personal success.

Club TIA programming isn’t just for young people. The program offers parent workshops and support groups designed to increase communication and understanding between parents and children. The Club also provides community outreach to neighboring schools.