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Walking a tight rope without a safety net – that’s what it feels like to someone without health insurance. It’s worse when the uninsured (or underinsured) person becomes ill and requires medical assistance. How do they pay for the health care?

Our dedicated team of enrollers at The Health Information Place are here to assist our community with the enrollment process for health insurance thru the New York State of Health Marketplace.

You and your family may qualify for no cost or low cost health insurance programs such as Medicaid, The Essential Plan, Child Health Plus or a Qualified Health Plan.

Emergency Medicaid it is also available to those who don’t qualify for a regular health insurance plan due to their Immigration status.

Our enrollers also provides education on the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) how each program works and selecting a health plan.

Services are provided in a culturally sensitive manner and in a variety of settings including all of our UHP sites, school based sites and community events.

In most cases you will need the following documents for enrollment in any of the no-cost/low cost health insurance programs:

Identification: New York State picture ID or US Passport.

  • Proof of Immigration Status: US Passport, Permanent Resident Card or Work Authorization Permit.
  • Proof of Income: Copy of Income tax return, four recent consecutive pay stubs, if paid weekly, or 2 recent consecutive pay stubs if, paid bi-weekly.

 For more information on the different no-cost/low cost insurance programs please visit  The Health Information Place .

You may also visit the NY State of Health The Official Health Plan Marketplace at www.nystateofhealth.ny.gov